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Company Profile

Shenzhen lechang-smart environmental protection technology co., ltd. was established in January 2019. It is committed to the development of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Internet, big data and other technologies, as well as the production, sales and operation services of intelligent terminal equipment. By integrating the upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, it aims to build an integrated service platform for diversified intelligent terminal equipment.

At present, the company has a research and development team of nearly 100 people, with more than 10 years of intelligent equipment technology research and development experience. Change independently developed the first generation of smart clothing recycling machine 'locker', has a perfect system of management platform and online data monitoring system, at the same time with the ads, merchants buy direct, interactive trading second-hand clothes and other commercial elements, with a variety of renewable resources recovery services such as B2B, B2C channels, has opened up a new model, clothing paid recycling let residents, businesses, enterprises realize 'happy happy recovery and replacement'.

The development and application of 'le changyi' products actively respond to the national policy of 'promoting the innovation of new models of renewable resources recovery', adhere to the call of 'green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains', and strive to do a good job in the cause of ecological environmental protection in the contemporary, benefit in the future, and contribute to the development of China's environmental protection and circular economy industry.

Happy recycling happy replacement