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One-stop solution to all the worries of platform operation

Why choose us?

Reducing staff and increasing efficiency: an administrator 

can manage multiple terminals. Through mobile 

phones or terminals, the administrator can master the 

status of each terminal

Real-time statistics: the use of each device, equipment operation, traffic statistics and other information

Status warning: when the storage space is nearly full, the system will give early warning, so as to reasonably plan the operation route of the operating vehicle and achieve economical operation

Member feedback: through the member points system, members can earn points by putting clothes on the equipment, and points can be exchanged for a variety of rewards

Security linkage: suspicious behavior analysis can help first responders, catch and escape online, and monitor illegal transactions

Big data analysis: can provide such as user habits of big data

Auxiliary decision: data analysis and statistics can provide more accurate data and more effective opinions on equipment construction

Assist the ecological recycling industry: effectively improve the competitiveness of fabric recycling products through efficient recycling

Improve employment: the construction of intelligent industrial chain will generate a variety of employment opportunities in weaving, commercial flow, logistics and management

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Just be an intermediary, high value returns easily have!